Winter Solstice: Getting Ready for Kapha Season

Winter Solstice: Getting Ready for Kapha Season

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Glide and Snug through the Weather

The first day of winter in the northern hemisphere is on December 21. This day is the winter solstice, and it’s also known as the shortest day of the year, as it has the least hours of sunlight in the entire year. 


This article will explain the winter solstice and how you can navigate this seasonal transition healthily and easily and give you specific tips depending on your Dosha.


What is the Winter Solstice?

As days become longer and nights shorter, we settle into our Kapha-season arrangements and adopt the holidays’ spirit. Saturnalia, Yuletide, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are some of the celebrations that not only take place close to the solstice but are also influenced by it.

Winter, Kapha season, is usually cold, heavy, and slow. These qualities can be great for Pitta types as they may relish in the balance that comes from offsetting their hot and light properties. Vata types can become too cold and disordered by the cold. This could be a difficult time for Kapha types since they can become sluggish and are more likely to gain a few pounds over the season. 

Don´t forget that there are plenty of little changes here and there that can help you cope better with the transition to winter, so don´t be overwhelmed and don´t take more than you can handle; the smallest of changes can make the most significant difference.


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Vata Dosha: Quick Tips on Getting Ready for Winter


Ayurveda suggests drinking warm or hot liquids throughout the day, preferably warming spice infusions such as ginger, coriander, cardamom, and cinnamon. All these are also great for boosting the immune system. 

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Pitta Dosha: Quick Tips on Getting Ready for Winter
For each of the three different Doshas or energetic constitutions, the adaptation to Kapha weather is distinct. And, furthermore, so it is for each individual. Here are a few tips that everyone can follow to softly ease into winter and avoid imbalance.

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Kapha Dosha: Quick Tips on Getting Ready for Winter

Ayurvedic Perspective

As Ayurveda´s central philosophy states, healthy digestion is the surest way to maintain a healthy immune system. Remember to always focus on keeping a robust Agni (or digestive fire) as this ensures better well-being and less risk of catching common winter ailments such as the flu. 

Adapt your exercise routine according to your Dosha. Maybe you usually do more strenuous exercise, or perhaps your Dosha calls for mild exercise; whatever the case, modify accordingly to maintain a better balance during the cold weather.


Don´t hesitate to incorporate plenty of digestion-improving spices into your diet. As long as your Dosha and particular diet allow, include cumin, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, fennel, and turmeric into your drinks and meals.


Allow yourself a little more protein than you would during other seasons. Make sure your protein sources are correct for your Dosha type and diet restrictions, if any. Always ingest enough liquids to stay adequately hydrated, no matter the season of the year.


Take Care of Your Skin

The cold weather can be specifically drying for specific skin types, so you may need to adjust your skincare routine to keep healthy and glowing skin. Keep up with your daily moisturizing regime and add any products you may need to stay properly moisturized. Remember that skin is the largest organ of your body, and you should always be gentle to it and take the time to take care of it properly.


Adopt as many or as little of these daily actions, incorporate them as you wish. Remember that it´s crucial to choose self-care habits that you can easily fit your lifestyle. This way, you will be less likely to stick to your routine and regularly readjust as required for your needs. 

Stay active and fill your schedule with a fair balance of activities, rest, and lots of love and gratefulness. Don’t forget to enjoy the winter season. Even if it´s cold, take a walk once a week when there´s some sunlight. Stay warm and cozy at home, and always feel amazing in your own skin.
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