Ayurvedika Skincare was started by a long-time dream of having an Ayurvedic version of my favorite natural skincare products at the time, Dr. Hauschka.

I still admire Dr. Hauschka products, it's Antroposophic medicine roots, and everything they stand for. But Ayurveda has given me so much throughout my life, that I really longed for Ayurvedic skincare products.

My dream was also inspired -in the dessert of Santa Fe, NM, where I spent a lot of time while studying Ayurveda; and by the desire to co-create new ways of doing business that spread wellbeing amongst all sentient beings.

The relationships in the communities in which we live, the impact on our living planet, and the caring bonds with our suppliers are central to our mission of bringing nature’s best to help you feel amazing in your own skin.

Finally, making a dream come true requires hard work, resilience, passion, and, most importantly, dear friends and family. Some friends started the journey with me but had to leave, others left to pursue regenerative endeavors, and others became founding partners.

Without their help and support Ayurvedika Skincare would still be a dream. 

Erin, James, Max, Polo, Shannon, Priscila, Alex, and Jero. To all of you who tried our first products too.

And last but not least, to Dhanvantari, the God of Ayurveda, and my dearest teachers from whom I have received the precious teachings of Ayurveda.