The Three Doshas

 The Three Doshas

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Balance through Uniqueness


One of Ayurveda’s more significant focuses is the customization of daily activities, foods, colors, yoga routines, and mostly anything you can think of, according to your particular constitution, to stay as balanced as possible.


To better understand and cater to your particular vital energy type and constitution, it is essential to grasp the broader picture of how these energies interact and manifest themselves both in yourself and in your surroundings. First, you must recognize there are three combinations of energies named Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) of the five existing elements (air, ether, water, fire, and earth).  All of the elements exist within you, but at least one or two of them will be obviously predominant. This predominance of certain elements is what defines your Dosha. The predominance of the air and ether elements is known as Vata, fire and water, constitute Pitta, and earth and water Kapha. Due to the Doshas’ dynamic nature, their delicate balance will always be influenced by internal and external factors, resulting in a constant balancing act that you will have to adapt according to your unique necessities in different times of your life.   

Your Prakruti (or natural constitution) is your natural balance of vital energies, the unique bio-energetic design you are born with; this is the ideal balance of Doshas and is what makes you, well, you. Your Vikruti (or current state of Dosha balance) is how your bio-energies are currently leveled. Your Prakruti is determined by what has been more prominent throughout your life, especially during your healthiest periods, and it’s the ideal balance to aim for. Your Vikruti is assessed by observing your imbalances, whether they be ailments that continuously affect your health or once in a lifetime infirmities, and correcting them by taking specific actions to counteract excess that arise and cause these imbalances.  

The idea of continually assessing your Vikruti is a sure way to stay in balance and, therefore, healthy. An endless collection of factors may disturb your perfect balance, including seasonal changes, stressful periods, hormonal changes, and even age. 

Now, balancing your Doshas is not as difficult as you may think; in fact, it is relatively easy! As long as you commit to a healthy diet and a daily routine, that is all it takes. Of course, you can make this routine as simple or as complex as you need to according to your lifestyle. When you find an imbalance in your Doshas, you may need to adjust a few things in your Dinacharya (or daily routine) and, voilá! You are on your way to a healthier life. Remember that the smallest of changes and decisions ultimately end up making the most significant changes. 



The smallest things make the biggest changes

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Adaptation is critical when dealing with Ayurvedic treatments, as even the most balanced people need to change certain aspects of their Dinacharya at least quarterly. A good Dinacharya does not have to be complicated; you can add one daily habit per month until you find a balance that suits you depending on your availability. 

Since Ayurveda is a mostly preventive health system, it is essential to create not just habits but mindfulness and discipline in its practice. When you slow down and observe, without judgment, everything about what you are experiencing in a given moment, you allow your body, mind, spirit, and emotions to speak to you, to tell you what you need. As you make room for self-care in your life, you will cultivate a stronger bond with your own roots, and you will be able to feel better in your everyday activities. And, who doesn´t enjoy a little pampering every once in a while? Some of the habits you may create for yourself can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, like Abhyanga (oil massage) and meditation.

You may also find that sustaining an Ayurvedic lifestyle can also be beneficial for the planet. As you take better care of yourself and those around you, the awareness you develop extends to others and the place you live in. You may start by communing more with nature and, further down the line, include greener practices and consume only organic products; either way, it is a guarantee you will see positive change all around you as you decide to engage in the marvelous journey that is Ayurveda. And, beyond all this self-love and even new experiences, always remember that this is ancient wisdom that will heal you and help you feel amazing in your own skin.

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