Dinacharya: Turning Routine into Medicine


Dinacharya: Turning Routine into Medicine

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Organize to feel better. 

Throughout your life, you learn to create certain daily habits and build a routine. Sometimes you can get a bit tired of this routine you have become accustomed to, but you always come back to its essential parts, as the creature of habit you are. And you may wonder, why do you always end up doing the same things? Well, a routine is a way to find consistency in what may, otherwise, feel like a disorganized existence. And bringing order to a chaotic life is always a path to wellness. 

When you build a structure to support your daily habits, you create a sort of psychological net that keeps you safe and in place when other things in your life might not be going so well. When done correctly, it´s kind of like creating an infrastructure for your mental and physical health that will help you withstand difficult times.


In Ayurveda, your daily routine is known as Dinacharya. It is vital to attain discipline, as sometimes you may feel overwhelmed or unmotivated, so your natural tendency towards repetitive practices will come in handy. 


Dinacharya: Turning Routine into Medicine

 Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash


There are plenty of ways to create a Dinacharya which works just for you and allows you time for everything that you need to have in your life. Depending on your lifestyle and which approach suits you better, you can find a particular way to include self-care, spirituality, chores, work, relaxation, exercise, time to socialize, and any other activities that you like. It´s crucial to keep a balanced routine that allows for an ample variety of activities and helps you avoid overworking or becoming too stressed. 

A healthy Dinacharya will vary depending on your natural constitution or Dosha, but some necessary activities will apply to everyone. Whether you choose to time block your day, set specific times for every task, or simply make a list with the day´s to-do´s, you can benefit from outlining your schedule with the following simple checklists that you can download and print to work your specific activities into.


Morning Dinacharya Checklist


Afternoon Dinacharya Checklist

Evening Dinacharya Checklist

Night Dinacharya Checklist


Keeping a strong and healthy Dinacharya is a sure way to reduce stress and maintain a calmer head when something unexpected comes up. It also helps manage your time better, so you don´t spread yourself too thin and still have time to take care of things and yourself. Remember that a hearty Dinacharya can help you avoid stress-related illnesses and will definitely help you feel amazing in your own skin.  

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