Essential Oils in Skincare

Ayurvedika Skincare Essential Oils

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Nature´s Purest Balms

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been used for centuries not only for their potential properties in skincare but also for their therapeutical and healing qualities. 
They are compounds obtained from a specific flower, nut, seed, etc. These oils are obtained via mechanical means, this is, avoiding the use of any added chemicals. 


These ingredients are very concentrated as they contain the unadulterated extract of the natural element they were obtained from. This strength can be misunderstood or misused, as one of the differences between a toxin and a therapeutical compound is its dosage.


Essential oils must have certain attributes to be considered of adequate quality to ensure safety and effectiveness:


  • They must be organic 
  • They must be pure
  • And they must be within their shelf lives

Ayurvedika Skincare Essential Oils are Nature´s Purest Balm

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Understanding the Power of Essential Oils

One of the keys to using this beautiful gift of nature beneficially and correctly is understanding it in the context of skincare, in this case. 


Even if an oil fulfills all the guidelines needed to be considered essential, one crucial factor to keep in mind is that its quality may vary depending on many factors such as its sourcing, method of extraction, and formulation. An oil must be of top quality to be used topically. Remember that some oils are not safe for use when pregnant, and they should never be ingested orally.  


For essential oils to be successfully added to any type of beauty or healing ritual, it is of utmost importance that the specific concentration for each particular oil is known. This is critical as overdoing a potent ingredient could cause a bad reaction or damage to your skin and health.


Do your own research about these oils and assess whether they are suitable for your needs. Take into account that they are not of less quality or efficacy than synthetic compounds, that is, chemicals that have not been extracted from natural ingredients.


Nobody knows your skin better than you do, so if you start using a product with essential oils, pay special attention to how your skin behaves and any changes that it may go through. It’s not the same to develop a little redness or burning sensation while your skin gets used to certain ingredients than a rash or a severe allergic reaction.

Ayurvedika Skincare Essential Oils in Beauty

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Ayurvedic Perspective

Some of the fantastic benefits that essential oils have and that Ayurveda has found helpful are boosting digestion, improving your mood, relieving stress, calming nerves, and boosting immunity, among others.


One of the best things you can do to balance your Dosha is to practice Abhyanga, a practice that can incorporate essential oils to serve its purpose better.


Senses are directly connected to feelings. The sense of smell connects with the earth, or Prithvi, and touch connects with air, or Vayu. As it would be, one of the cornerstones of Abhyanga is using carrier oils with diluted essential oils to treat certain conditions or increase the advantages of said oils. Through massaging your skin with these oils, you can achieve a greater state of wellness, mindfulness, and stability.
“Essential oils evaporate into invisible vapors as soon as they are exposed to air. When you apply to your face, you breathe in the essential oil vapors. and then your body absorbs these vapors very effectively and quickly into your brain and lungs. Not only can inhaling an essential oil change your mood and lower your anxiety level, it can also lower the cortisol in your bloodstream.” (Gillerman, 2018)


We believe that nature has created great ingredients that can help you look and feel better. This is why out of hundreds of oils that exist, we have chosen an exclusive array of both carrier and essential oils for each one of our products. Our experts have ensured all our skincare line is safe, and our formulations are top-notch. Yet, you should always consult with a certified dermatologist before incorporating essential oils into your beauty skincare routine. Certain skin conditions may need medical attention, and some skin types are prone to allergic reactions or irritation. Remember to read your labels carefully and, when in doubt, call your doctor! 


Don’t be afraid to use essential oils to your advantage, as you can reap exceptional benefits from their use. Don’t hesitate to learn about what your skin needs based on your specific Dosha or schedule a free online skin consultation to assess your needs. We are here to help you feel amazing in your own skin.
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