Winter Holidays: Honoring Resilience and Unity

Winter Holidays: Honoring Resilience and Unity

 Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash


Unwind and Celebrate Yourself

This year has been trying for all of humanity, everywhere. Yet, hardship is a constant of the human condition, and hope has not eluded us. Amidst the significant hurdle that has been 2020 and the loss that it has brought to many families, there have also been some genuinely remarkable positive things.


Hopefully, we have become more present; some of us have overcome our impulses and turned into kinder, more patient people. We have had to learn about new technologies to stay close to our families and friends, and we have created new routines that, mindfully, focus on enjoying what we have, and cherishing the little things. We have turned to healthier habits, both physically and emotionally. We are transitioning from surviving to thriving. 


We have beat 2020, with both losses and wins, but with more knowledge, experience, and togetherness that we could have ever imagined. But, before we turn the page and face 2021, we have a couple of weeks left to celebrate, mourn, and allow ourselves some well-deserved rest. 


Winter Holidays: Honoring Resilience and Unity

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash


Let the coming holidays be more than putting up string lights. Concede them to be a safe space to be grateful, to cry, love, and move towards better things. Maybe you can´t spend the holidays with your family, but that doesn´t mean you should dismiss them. Take this time of celebration as an opening to unwind and celebrate yourself.


Perhaps you can take that long nap you deserve or decompress by taking a long bath. Start reading that one book that´s been sitting on the shelf for the past months, or bake the cookies that you´ve been dying to try. Pamper yourself and take five, inhale and recharge. You deserve it.


Make the most out of the few days of this long year; remember that hardship always ends. Be thankful for the chance to grow in so many ways and allow yourself to calmly breathe and relax. But, above all, let yourself dwell in the awareness that this year has brought; open yourself to happiness, healing, and the chance to feel amazing in your own skin

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