Ayurveda is the New Black


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Find out why it´s all the rage

As the world plunges into a wellness seeking spiral, ancient knowledge is being unearthed and delivered to you in a vast array of products and services. Yet, one particular system has been making more than a splash, Ayurveda. And while this alternative medicine system is not the latest fad to become obsessed with, it is quite new for a lot of people.

What is Ayurveda?

The philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine states that a healthy person is one in balance with themselves and their surroundings, therefore becoming a holistic belief system which ensures a unique connectedness and a state of well-being. Now, with the constant need to surmount both inner and outer obstacles, no shortage of holistic philosophies have tried to make a comeback, with many of them failing. Yet, Ayurveda has never really left nor stayed dormant; it has constantly prevailed and grown not only in India, where it originated, but in the western world. 
A colossal difference between Ayurveda, or knowledge of life or science of life, and other holistic systems is that Ayurveda practitioners (in India) are required to undergo training and certifications which establish a standard to which all global practitioners are held.
Ayurvedic education all around the world is becoming more homogeneous and becoming more capable of providing a truly cohesive preventive and curative medicine for all. 
“Today, Ayurveda teaching is established under the affiliation of recognized universities only. The biomedical approaches of unification and standardization nationally is also being applied to Ayurveda education and the role of the Central Council for Indian Medicine (CCIM) has been influential in this process. However, the current curriculum is designed in a way, which mimics the bio-medical course with a view to achieving equal status.” (Mathpati, Albert, & Porter, 2018)
Furthermore, Ayurveda immerses itself in a multidisciplinary approach, allowing for a broader scope and increasing the possibilities of diverse cultures to embrace it. “Through its knowledge and practices at individual, community and health care delivery levels, Ayurveda has the opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities, making them more self-reliant…” (Mathpati, Albert, & Porter, 2018)

Why is Ayurveda becoming more popular?

 With such an integral philosophy, Ayurveda is the perfect merger of a wholesome environment and a well-nourished inside; and, moreover, a seamless equilibrium between the spiritual, the psychological, and the physical. 


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Whether you are looking for a preventive and balanced diet, a treatment for a skin condition, a means to release stress, or just a different lifestyle that can give you a particular sense of belonging or wholeness, you should be looking into what Ayurveda has to offer. With an ever-growing community and tried and true recipes, the possible benefits are endless, and so are the positive aspects that surround this system. 
Renew your energy and your approach to the world, do not let yourself be fooled by the idea that Ayurveda is the latest fad, and take a deep dive into a simpler and more mindful existence. Feel amazing in your own skin.


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