Yoga for Autumn

Flow with the seasons


As leaves start to turn gold and red, fall begins to settle in. The season of change has arrived, and with it, you must change as well. To adapt to autumn, the season of Vata, specific adjustments to your exercise can be very beneficial to your overall health this time of the year.  

The following Yoga postures can help boost your immune system and generate warmth in this cold season.

  • Sun Salutations: Keep yourself active and receive the sun´s energy.
  • Warrior Poses: Activate your nervous system and ground yourself.
  • Downward Dog: Shake off cloudy days and increase your blood circulation.
  • Cobra Pose: Open up your heart chakra and practice your flexibility.
  • Pigeon Pose: Deal better with emotions and keep yourself warm.


Yoga for Autumn
Explore different Asanas (or body postures) and feel amazing in your own skin.  
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