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Ayurvedika Skincare Organic Ingredients Vitamin E

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Nature’s Barrier Booster 

Vitamin E is a trustworthy antioxidant that also has immense anti-aging and healing benefits.

What is vitamin E?

Tocopherol, more commonly known as Vitamin E, is a fat-soluble antioxidant. 
It protects the skin from solar radiation by collecting free-radicals. Sun exposure, UV light, and aging diminish the skin’s vitamin E level. Yet, it is readily available in many nutrient-rich foods, supplements, and skincare products.
Vitamin E is incredible for sealing in moisture, healing, and smoothing skin. It’s quite beneficial for soothing dry and itchy skin, while it also prevents and fades scars.

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Ayurvedika Skincare Ingrendients Quick Info Vitamin E
Ayurvedic Ancient Wisdom

A lack of vitamin E may cause an imbalance in Vata Dosha. It can also be used to treat specific imbalances such as a lack in oil production, which may be a sign of an imbalance in Pitta, or an excess of oil, indicating an imbalance in Kapha.

Its Benefits

  • Helps avoid cellular oxidation
  • Collects free-radicals from sun exposure
  • Reduces under-eye dark circles and treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • It boosts the skin barrier function
  • Prevents blackheads
  • Counteracts premature aging
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
Vitamin E is safe in most applications, as long as it is used in moderation. Always do a patch test on a small section of skin before applying it to your face and body. There are not enough studies on its side effects, but if you take any anticoagulants or suffer from a coagulation disorder, check with your doctor before using vitamin E.


You can find vitamin E in our Regenerating Oil, all our Replenishing Moisturers, and in our Regenerating Serum, as it is great for everybody!
We choose natural, organic, non-GMO vitamin E as one of our organic ingredients due to its many beneficial properties, but mainly because it will make your skin great. If you don’t know your skin type, take our Dosha quiz or reach out to us and schedule a free online skin consultation, we can help you feel amazing in your own skin.
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