Total Eclipse: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Total solar eclipse and new moon. December 14 2020


Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash


Take 5 and breathe. 

The way the stars and planets move has always been relevant to the human race, especially the sun and moon, as these two can strongly influence things such as the tidal forces on earth and even cause certain changes in your mood and energy. 

The solar eclipse that will occur on the 14 of December is significant, not only because it coincides with a new moon, but because it is a total eclipse. In some parts of South America and Africa, the eclipse will be visible, which means that the sun's full obfuscation by the moon, reaching total darkness for a few moments during the daytime, will be observed. 

The intense energy derived from the celestial changes that will happen can result in a perfect set of circumstances for you to reflect upon your past actions, your present trials, and your future accomplishments. 

Although this year has presented many hardships for everyone, it has been an excellent opportunity to grow, develop new skills, and, more importantly, adapt. This solar eclipse grants you the opening to keep on changing, readjusting, and expanding in whichever areas of your life you feel might be a little off.


Eclipses are a great time to stay in, meditate, and do your inner work. Ancient tantric wisdom states that practicing or meditating during eclipses is exponentially more powerful. Eclipses provide a great opportunity to connect with spirit because the ‘veils’ are thin. Vedic astrologers also recommend not to eat during eclipses.


Seize the day and take a few moments during your morning routine to ponder and meditate about what you need to let go, and what you need to make room for during this new year. And remember, always be grateful and feel amazing in your own skin.

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