Thanksgiving 2020



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Thankful and Blessed


This year has, undoubtedly, been one of the most challenging many of us have seen in a very long time. A year that definitely took us out of our comfort zones invited us to learn and to live with uncertainty, which brought to the surface old wounds and negative patterns we have to let go of. Yet, we shouldn’t be discouraged by this as Thanksgiving and December celebrations are almost upon us, and, as ancient wisdom says, it is through the hardships that we come out stronger and become more resilient.

Therefore, Thanksgiving is today, more than ever before, a specially vital day to rejoice and be grateful. If you can take a minute or two to read this, we invite you to reflect upon the silver lining of this year.

What has this year brought into your life? Have you picked up a new hobby? Maybe you got back in touch with that old friend you hadn’t talked to in a while. What gifts have you found thanks to the hardships we have faced?


Whether you are keeping yourself busy at home or are a hero working on the frontlines, it’s essential to be grateful for the many opportunities this year has given us to better ourselves and help others.  

It is also essential to be grateful for all the gifts of life that we receive. Actually, the inspiration for Thanksgiving comes from the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee Native Americans. We can connect to that source through their Thanksgiving Address. It is a beautiful prayer that has been passed down from generation to generation: inviting us to gather our minds together to share our thankfulness for what nature provides and acknowledging the ongoing impact of natural forces on our human lives. The Thanksgiving Address recognizes the people, earth, waters, plants, animals, birds, bushes, trees, winds, sun, moon, stars, as well as the unseen spiritual forces.

Maybe you won’t be able to host Thanksgiving dinner for all your family this year, or you will postpone that long-awaited pre-Thanksgiving gathering with your closest pals. However you choose to rejoice and reflect this Thanksgiving, we want to remind you of being thankful and blessed.

We want you to know how thankful we are to have you in our family. We are grateful for having the chance to be part of your path to a life filled with joy, calmness, and wellbeing. You are the driving force behind Ayurvedika, and we thank you for trusting us with your daily skincare rituals, and above all, for trusting us with being part of the journey for you to feel amazing in your own skin.



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