Full Moon: Let Go of what You don´t Need


Full Moon Ritual

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Clear your soul and your space

 As the full moon closes in, the energy begins to change; this one comes with a partial eclipse, and it shows.


The intense lunar energy is good for letting go, for it shows us a different side of things. Perhaps you are starting to feel a bit on edge or uncertain in some areas of your life. Well, don’t worry, this is entirely normal. You can shed the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life, whether physical, psychological, or emotional.


“According to Ayurveda, one of the oldest healing systems in the world, the moon has a soothing and calming effect on the body-mind complex. It carries and reflects the sun’s light energy without its harshness; balances excess heat; and is also known to help in the treatment of certain illnesses and conditions like migraines, rashes, blood pressure, and inflammations. The moon, called Chandra in Sanskrit, is also associated with the Kapha Dosha that combines water and earth elements.“ (Chowdhury, 2020)


This is the perfect time for you to make some space, literally or figuratively, for new things in your life, especially with the new year approaching. Here are a few simple things you can do to close cycles and clean your soul.


  • Focus on cleaning the back door to help unblock exits and letting go. 
  • Spend time meditating and reflecting directly under the moonlight, or just take a relaxing moon bath. This can help balance Pitta.
  • Cleanse and recharge any spiritual tokens you may have, such as crystals, by allowing them to soak in the moon´s energy all night.
  • Write down everything you want to rid yourself of. You can read it out loud and concentrate on sending it out to the universe to be separated from you.
  • Take a nice cleansing bath or shower after finishing your ritual. Follow up with a soothing skincare ritual to pamper yourself and absorb all the good stuff you just created.


Remember that closure is a crucial part of life, as closing cycles and letting go don’t just open up space for better and bigger things in life. But they also allow room for healing and maximizing learning from all your experiences. The full moon is an excellent opportunity for you to find the tranquility that comes with letting go. 


Allow yourself to release the old, be grateful for what has been useful, and feel amazing in your own skin.
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